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Calgary, Alberta

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(403) 241-0443

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1-866-666-6BUS (6287)


Introducing Our Fleet Services

Optimize Your Operations with Our Fleet Services

At Sunshine Coach Ltd, we understand that managing a fleet of vehicles can be a complex and daunting task. That's why we offer top-tier Fleet Services, designed to optimize your operations, maintain your vehicles, and foster efficiency – all while saving you time and resources.

Why Our Fleet Services?

Our comprehensive Fleet Services span across maintenance, tracking, logistics, and emergency assistance. We aim to streamline your operations, reduce overheads, and increase performance. The transparency, cost-effectiveness, and operational excellence we offer make us a trusted partner of choice for businesses across various sectors.

Assured Maintenance and Timely Servicing

Regular maintenance is at the core of our services, ensuring your vehicles remain in their prime condition and are ready to hit the road anytime. From regular inspections to diagnosing and rectifying mechanical issues promptly, we ensure that unplanned breakdowns are minimized, if not completely eradicated.

Advanced Tracking and Logistics

Our sophisticated tracking system provides real-time, accurate location updates, assisting with optimized route planning and resource allocation. This results in improved fuel efficiency, reduced operational costs, and timely deliveries.

Assistance During Emergencies

In case of unforeseen breakdowns and other emergencies, our professionally trained team is always on standby, ready to ensure a quick resolution, minimum downtime, and continuity of operations.

Professionals, You Can Trust

Our management team, experienced in handling a variety of vehicle types and transport scenarios, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. They are always eager to innovate and adapt as per your specific needs.

Streamline Your Business with Sunshine's Fleet Services

By entrusting your fleet to Sunshine Coach Ltd’s Fleet Services, you ensure your business operates with maximum efficiency, financial savings, reliability, and peace of mind. Allow us to take the wheel for your fleet management needs, and witness firsthand the difference our services make to your operations. Experience the convenience, savings, and operational efficiency of professional fleet management with Sunshine Coach Ltd.